Thermal Mechanics

Oh boy, how this started out in semester 1, it was by far the easiest topic we considered in Physics. But now it’s semester 2, with a whole new selection of lecturers, new notation for some familiar and unfamiliar things, and while different spin on familiar topics.

New notation equals new pain in the ass, so I’m gonna have to be thorough here, as I’m literally learning by the book.

But all that’s fine, because thermal physics is totally fun right outta the box.

Combining Thermodynamics with the magic of Statistical Mechanics, Thermal mechanics looks into the concept of Heat and how it flows, and also into the properties of Matter with respect to it’s Phase, it’s Temperature and other fun things, like it’s Entropy.

It kinda gets into the realm of Chemistry as well, because chemists happen to find it super useful to talk about Chemical Reactions in terms of Kinetics (chemical reactions are governed by the Geometry, the configuration, and the Kinetic Energy of the molecules, all described by statistical models (how likely is to have a molecule react exactly? (a.k.a. have all the right boxes ticked for it to react a certain way)). More on this in the future!

This page is a gathering place for all these concepts – I’ll add links to this page as well go along.



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