de Broglie’s Hypothesis

What’s the first thing that springs to mind for you when you hear the term Matter Waves?

I personally think of the mathematical representation first – p = \frac{hf}{c} = \frac{h}{\lambda} where λ here is the “de Boglie Wavelength” – this expression comes from de Broglie’s Theory, which posits that this extends to all matter – hence Matter Waves!

The idea is that all particles with some Momentum “p” has an associated de Broglie Wavelength that describes it. But when you get waves, the next things to ask is “What’s the medium?”

In other words, “wtf is wiggling?”

Well, here’s my favorite interpretation – the Matter Waves (a.k.a. the particles) are perturbations in a Matter Field (if that’s even what you’d call it).

We’ve not gone too in-depth as of yet, so expect more on this in the future!


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